Trans Pyrenees

Trans Pyrenees

La Transpirinaica or Trans Pyrenees; from the Mediterranean Sea to the Atlantic Ocean on the Spanish side of the Pyrenees.

On this tour we will follow the smallest and most spectacular roads to bring you from the Eastern Pyrenees all the way to San Sebastian in the Basque Country. The riding is amazing and the transitions in landscape, architecture, cuisine, language and culture (from Catalan to Spanish to Basque) make this tour an incredible adventure.

We were requested to organize a tour on the Spanish side of the Pyrenees a couple years ago. During a good part of the year, research on-site is difficult due to weather conditions and snow on the roads. We gathered all sorts of information from books, the internet and met with cycling friends with knowledge of the area.

David and Raul’s local knowledge of the Pyrenees was very helpful and provided key information about the best routes, landscapes, road conditions and traffic; and we adjusted some of the rides, located hotels and defined the stages. In the spring, we took our first trip to inspect the territory. It was difficult to decide which stages to do since there were so many nice options. On later trips, we got to ride and have a better feel of the terrain.
At the same time, we started to think about our version of the Transpirinaica. Starting in a little village in the Pyrenees and slowly riding our way to San Sebastian, while spending a couple nights in each place, taking time to enjoy the different regions of Catalonia, Aragon, Navarra and the Basque Country.

Trans Pyrenees Cycling Map
You can choose this tour, from town to town crossing Spain or enjoying the Pyrenees and staying a few nights in select hotels. Due to variable weather conditions, we will only offer this tour from late May to September.

From Girona to San Sebastian: La Tranpirinaica Tour!

Crossing the French Pyrenees

Tour de France stage in the Pyrenees