Sant Hilari training in Girona Weekend

Sant Hilari: Training in Girona Weekend

Improve climbing and descending skills

Looking for some training in Girona?
We have put together this weekend package escape where you will get in some quality training and long distance rides.

RIDE 1 – The Volcanoes 110m, 1060m

Also known as the Olot Loop, a 110km ride to the volcanic area of la Garrotxa. Heading out of Girona towards Banyoles lake (venue for the rowing events during the Olympic Games) we start a progressive climb to Besalú. This wonderful medieval village reminds us of old times and knights’ adventures. Castellfollit de la Roca, on top of a cliff, it is another village you won’t forget. Once in Olot, we enter the volcanoes natural park and descend to Santa Pau, where we will stop for lunch before heading back to Girona.
The Volcanoes - Olot Loop ride profile

RIDE 2 – Sant Hilari 108km, 1130m

The second ride is Sant Hilari, with a long-steady climb and magnificent forest scenery. We will climb the Pros favorite side, a constant 3.5% climb for 26km. It is a perfect climb to work on a steady pace. Keep your rhythm and enjoy the scenery, the beauty of the forest and the amazing views of the gorges. In Sant Hilari at the top, we will regroup before starting the best descent in Girona. We will be giving you tips and help you improve your downhill skills and confidence. The perfectly paved winding road to Santa Coloma is the perfect descent to practice and have fun!
Sant Hilari climb - route profile

Downhill clinics - Training in Girona

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Sant Hilari Descent