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reviews 2013 bikecat

My trip to Girona was just what I needed despite being out of shape for biking. The photos are gorgeous and they capture the beauty and magic of Girona. Thank you again for making me feel like I was part of your family for the weekend! I hope you will continue to prosper and enjoy life!

Curtis Cook

reveiws 2013 bikecat

La Transpirinaica – Simply outstanding! Back country roads, epic climbs, perfect accommodations and excellent food, all chosen to provide the perfect “tipico” Spanish experience. Traveling across the Pyrenees throughout the Basque country both in Spain and into France, we marvelled at Jaume and his team’s bike course selections. Without a doubt, they spent many long hours choosing and riding the roads to make it perfect. We often wondered as we traveled “how did they find this road”; perfect scenery, few cars, nicely paved and enjoyably challenging. The most memorable: crossing over the Pyrenees into France to climb Marie Blanque followed by a huge traverse back into Spain only to watch the professionals fly by up some of the same hills as part of the La Vuelta tour. Each riding day seemed a unique experience with diverse terrain, hand picked accommodations and incredible food. With Jaume, Debbie, Raul & Bernat, you quickly feel like you are out riding with friends in your own backyard – it’s just that their playground is amazing!

Mike Archibeck

reviews 2013 bikecat

Thanks again for a wonderful ride and your kind companionship. I will never forget that ride, the scenery, and the great meal. I will remember you guys as I wear my BIKECAT kit in NM! I put a review on Trip Advisor and will spread the word in Albuquerque. Have a wonderful life, hope to see you again in the future. Also, thanks so much for taking the bike back – you are the best.

Noel Boyd

reviews 2013 bikecat

Thank you so much for the fun I had with you in Girona. I am now confident that I can ride 100 kilometres without falling off. I also think that I am learning to pace myself, and make sure my heart rate is kept at a steady level on a climb. You also taught me to ride with no hands on the bar, without losing my teeth. Girona was so beautiful, the roads are so quiet and the descents long and fast.
I wish you well with your season coming up, and I I hope to be back in Girona before too long.
All the best


reviews bikecat 2013

Thank you for a wonderful 7 days in Girona and giving me the opportunity to enjoy unparalleled biking and warm and tasty local hospitality. This was a week I will never forget, and so much of the success of the trip and all the experiences are due to your meticulous attention to detail.
Come visit us in Ann Arbor anytime!
Doug A2 Roadies Girona Cycling Tour


reviews 2013 bikecat

It was a wonderful and it went too fast!
Thank you for being such great hosts and for putting up with our shenanigans


reviews 2013 bikecat

The riding was great. In fact it feels strange not to be riding!
The weather here today is much like Girona. But the next week should be nice for some rides with a little less mamba!
Everyone on the way home was expressing the same thought: that this was our best trip. We had a wonderful time and look forward to coming back. Jordi had us kiss the Lioness on the way home from dinner so we will return…
We are very happy to be home with family but we do miss our new friends in Girona and look forward to seeing you again. 

Thank you all for everything you did to make this such a memorable trip.


reviews bikecat 2013

Just returned home to Ann Arbor and wanted to say thanks for an absolutely wonderful week. You guys really went to great lengths to make our stay comfortable, happy, challenging and fun. We all agreed that this has been the best tour we have had – the group gelled well and everyone mixed in nicely but the effort put out by you guys Jordi as well really made the trip what it was. Thanks so much for going out of your way in terms of food for me.

Absolutely loved the village of Girona – the scenery on the rides was spectacular – really nothing could have been better – a five star experience!!!

Will stay in touch with you guys and who knows it could happen again next year – Michael will probably head up the organisation of that but I will certainly recommend Bikecat to anyone looking for a trip overseas biking. Once again thanks – as you said last night Jaume “it was a group of friends getting together” – we were all one group together. Stay well, Hugh