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Dear Jaume and everyone on the BikeCat Team,
Thank you again for such an incredible and memorable holiday experience. I am quite sure that I speak on behalf of everyone when I say that our trip to Girona was one of the (if not THE) best cycling holidays we have ever had. In every facet, it exceeded my expectations. Everything from the logistics to the choice of bike routes, from the accommodation to the dining selection, from the excellent and personable guides and on-road support to the arranging rides with the pros (this was particularly special, so thanks again), was perfect. Your impeccable attention to detail did not go unnoticed and, in my view, truly sets BikeCat apart from the many other bike tour companies out there. We will be back for more!
Thanks again for everything.

Rob & Beth Adams

Thank you all for the great time Beth and I this past October.
We are already in discussions about coming back. The ride on the coast was a favorite for both of us. I will never forget getting to ride with the Pros on the 25k St. Hillari climb. We have already recommended you guys to some friends we have in Barcelona. To get to share rides and experiences, in just a short one week, with new friends from Costa Rica, Canada, Spain, California and France was so memorable. Being from Texas, it was really cool to really experience the place Lance used as his home base in preparing for his Tour wins.

Take care,

Jeff + Joy

Hola Jaume and Debbie
What a great time in Girona! We leave with the memories of the best cycling and cultural experience ever.
We are so sad to leave Giroa but happy we made new friends.
Gracias, merci – Thanks you!

Cale Reeder

“Cycling with Jaume in Girona was a blast!!! Honestly I’ve never paid anyone to ride with me. It’s usually guys wanting to ride with me, and me putting them off until a slow day. But seriously, Jaume knows the roads and all the best cycling routes. It would have taken me months or years to find all of the roads that we rode on. Some were not even on a map or in a GPS system. 90% of the roads had really nice road surface, unlike the roads I’m used to riding at home which made it an even better experience. It was totally worth the expense to have someone who knew where to go. Plus, I don’t have anyone serious to ride with where I live in the California, Sierra Foothills, so it was a great change to have someone that could actually stay with me and push me, which I needed. Also, Jaume is probably one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met and I have a friend for life.

He also knows a lot about the history and told me a lot about each of the little towns we road through. Not to mention that he was able to hook us up to ride with some of the Pro riders that live in Girona, which was a trip. These are the guys that I watch on TV every weekend!!! It also didn’t hurt to be in serious shape so we could stay with them on the climbs.

Girona was a slice of heaven. We ate so good, and the wine… Well we never had a bad bottle of wine. I love Spanish wine. I just wish I could get the same wines in the US.

Overall on a scale from 1 to 10 my trip was a “9”… I’d give it a 10, but it was still cold while we were there and we had to bundle up even on the sunny days, but what should I expect in March!

I WILL be back!

Emily Holdge

Our cycling experience with you in Girona, Spain this May was truly a pleasure. From the day we began planning and inquiring about Bike Cat, you provided a level of hospitality and warmth that is rarely seen. Although it was just the two of us, you gave us the whole trip – frills and all. It was quite special!

We arrived in Girona feeling as though we had known you for ages! What we were about to experience was so far beyond our expectations.

Jess Maclean. Australia – Verducci/Breakaway Team

“Jaume, thank you so much for such a fantastic week. The rides, the people, the coffee, organisa-tion, everything!…was exceptional.
I can’t say enough how much I enjoyed it and how much we appreciate everything you and Debbie did for us. My only regret is that it was so short!
I hope the weather continues to improve, enjoy some much earned down-time, and I hope to see you again!
Take care guys”.

Kele Murdin

“The whole experience was so easy! I felt so pampered. Juame thought of EVERYTHING!! Every detail had been considered and covered, from housing, to food, to drink mixes, to a handbook with a map and profile for each ride and what architectural and historic places would see on that specific ride.
I had NO concerns, no stress, all I had to do was eat, sleep, and ride! I felt completely taken care of, and that’s exactly what I needed!

The accommodations are out of this world. The hotel is so rich with history, you feel like you are back in the 13th century, a true feeling of a european experience! In addition, the meals were true to the area, another chance to experience the rich diverse culture of Cataluña.

I highly recommend this tour to all! Such a perfect way to experience the area. On bikes you get so up close with the architecture, and with a guide to explain the history, you gain an unique appreciation unattainable any other way!”.