We offer a sports massage service on every tour.
After every ride, a leg or complete massage is the ideal way to recover and relax. Cristina or David are our physiotherapists. Between the two of them they do most of the pro cyclists in Girona.

If you haven’t had a sports massage before, this is the perfect occasion as they are the very best. Ask the pros!

Benefits of Massage

An increase in strength, endurance, and power are accomplished through exercise when the body adapts to an increase in stress put on the musculature, cardiovascular, and respiratory systems. The body goes through a cycle of tear down, recovery, and rebuild. The tear down occurs when stress is applied to the muscles through exercise. During the recovery cycle, rest and vital nutrients are needed by the muscles in order to begin the rebuild cycle. Massage increases the interchange of substances between the blood and tissue cells, thereby improving the general circulation and nutrition of the muscles.

Massage helps shorten recovery time between workouts and increases circulation to the muscles. It helps eliminate toxic debris produced during exercise leftover in the muscles. Massage also has a relaxing effect on the muscles and can have a sedative effect on the nervous system. All of these benefits can help prevent Overtraining syndrome. Over training happens when recovery does not occur between workouts and can result in a limiting effect on muscle building.

Massage improves range of motion and muscle flexibility. Stretching connective tissue and breaking down adhesions will result in an increase in power and performance. The repetitive motion of many sports often leads to imbalances within the muscle groups and the muscles themselves. Massage can help identify those imbalances and correct them, allowing your body to work with greater efficiency.

While massage won’t build muscle directly, it helps facilitate the body’s rebuilding phase following a workout and influences muscular growth. It also can be extremely helpful in correcting and preventing injuries. Getting massage is just as important as regular workouts in a comprehensive fitness program.

by Liesbet, Fast Freddie’s massage therapist