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Bikecat Girona Rental Bikes

Girona Rental Bikes

At Bikecat, we provide high quality rental bikes. If you don’t want to travel with your own, we offer options for road rental bicycles in Girona.
We take care of every racing bike before and after the rides. Cleaning and adjustments are done as if it was your own bike. You will feel like you are riding a new bike!

For the 2015 season we introduce the new addition to our bike rental fleet, the Canyon Ultimate CF SLX with 11-speed Shimano Dura-Ace. The Movistar and Katusha team bike.

The former Cervelo and Felt racing bikes from the Garmin Team are equipped with Sram Red, Shimano Dura Ace and top of the line components.

Treat yourself and ride the bikes the Pros race on. High-end performance bikes to accompany you on your vacation.
Save the hassle of bringing your own bike and airline fees, now you have an excellent choice:

Canyon bikecat girona rental bikesCervelo S3 Girona rental bikesFelt F1 Garmin Team Girona Rental Bike

Now it’s your time to ride like a pro.

* Bikecat’s rental bikes in Girona are only available for our guided rides and tours.

To book your bike contact us at

Bike adjustments:

When you rent a bike with us, we want to make sure the bike is adjusted as close as possible to your current bike.

Make a note of your bike set-up

There are certain dimensions that do not change; you just move things around to get them to fit to a particular frame. Below is a template that many teams use and it shows the critical dimensions along with some other information about the set-up of a bike. This is needed to fit a bike for you.

bike-set-up bikecat girona rental bikes

The measurements: Please, write down and send us the following information from your current bike.
You can download the measurement form here.
REMEMBER to bring your own pedals and we recommend your saddle too.

A. Saddle heightFrame Size
B. Bar heightStem Length / Angle
C. ReachSeat Brand & Model
D. Set backPedals
E. DropAdditional Info:

A. Saddle Height: from the center of the bottom bracket axle in a straight line up through the frame and seat post to the saddle
B. Bar Height: from the middle of the front spindle in a straight line up through the head tubs to the top of the stem
C. Reach: from the tip of the saddle to the centre of the bars
D. Set Back: from the tip of the saddle to a line taken from the centre of the BB axle
E. Drop. Height difference between tip of the saddle and top of handlebars