Bikecat FAQ

Want to get some extra information about Bikecat Cycling Tours, Guided Rides and Rental Bikes in Girona?
We hope you will find answers to your questions in this FAQ. For other inquiries, please contact us at



Why BikeCat?

BikeCat is a local company dedicated to organizing and offering exclusive and custom cycling tours in Girona, Spain.
Bikecat’s experience, knowledge and enthusiasm for this region will lead you to discover the insider secrets of this land, spectacular landscapes, and incredible back roads that you won’t find with others.

How can I join your tours?

Most of our tours featured on the website are custom Private tours.
The Girona Open Tours are open to everyone and you can join the one that fits you best.
If it’s one person, a couple or a smaller group we can adjust a tour. You may also want to check out the Guided Rides if you just want to ride.

How do I make a reservation?

Once we agree on the specifics of the custom tour: dates, itineraries, hotels and other inclusions, we will send you the reservation forms.
You will need to fill in the specific tour reservation form and place a deposit of 500 euros at least 6 weeks in advance. As soon as we can confirm the tour, we will discuss deposit and payment deadlines.

Reservation and Payments*

A deposit of 500€ as soon as we schedule your tour with a minimum of 6 weeks in advance. Note that we cannot guarantee hotels and reservations until we have everyone’s deposits. Please make your reservation by completing and signing the Reservation Form, which includes the Release, Waiver and Indemnity statement, and email it to Bikecat:

Final payment is due 21 days before departure date.
*Deadlines may vary depending on tour dates, High season and/or hotel policies.

I want to organize a tour with my friends

If you want to organize your own custom tour, we will get in touch with you and help you design and organize everything you will need in Girona. Every detail is fully customized: rides, road books, hotels, meals, transportation, etc. Our top priority is always precise attention for all your trip details and logistics.

Is the entire tour based from 1 hotel? So, do all the rides start/end in the same place?

Our Girona tour is based from the same hotel. We don’t have transfers during the camp. Once we are back from the rides you can relax at the hotel, walk around Girona, go shopping, and enjoy the night!
The rides also start and finish at our hotel in Girona. We usually start at 9:30-10:00 and get back by 4pm. (lunch included).
On our other tours, like the Wine tour and the Pyrenees, we stay in three different hotels. All transfers between hotels are by bike.

Can I get assistance at the airport?

We will meet you on the arrival day (as stated in the itinerary) at the airport in Barcelona (or Girona) and arrange to transfer you to the hotel.
Usually when everyone in the group has been picked up at the Barcelona airport or their hotel, we transfer to Girona.

At the end of the trip, we transfer everyone to the airport or their hotel and help with the bikes. Other companies often require you to get yourself to the hotel or departure airport at your cost.

How fit do I need to be?

Custom group tours are always developed to the fitness level of the clients. We have organized many tours for cycling enthusiasts who want good rides and would like some training advice.
On our trips, we provide itineraries for all levels of cycling abilities.
Don’t hesitate to give us a call or write us an e-mail and we would be happy to answer any concerns you may have about the difficulty of any of our tours.

Could you explain a little more about the two levels – A and B – of riding?

Our rides are designed for those who ride on a regular basis. There are 2 ride levels depending on the distance, and both can be divided in two speed levels, what we call A and B. As a reference, we say group A averages 28km/h (17.5mph) and B, 24km/h (15mph). We ride together during the first day and decide about the groups depending on abilities and level of fitness. If there are two groups, each one will have a guide and it will be kept together as much as possible (regrouping at crossings, top of the climbs, etc.). All groups get together for lunch before heading back to Girona.

If I were to organize a separate tour for two people, would the price be different?

If you would like to organize your own tour, we will make it special for you. Prices would depend upon what is included (guides, support vans, meals, hotels etc.) and number of persons.

Is it possible for a non-rider to choose to do a ride on one of the easier riding days?

Yes, non riders can join the rides, and we also have available bikes for that. During the tour there are one or two recovery rides (easier) and it is a good chance to ride and enjoy the scenery!

Do most of your guests bring their own bikes?
Would there be help to reassemble our bikes when we arrived?

Most of our riders bring their own bikes. They feel more comfortable riding their own bike. Being on the bike during the week for so many hours, it’s recommended not to change your riding position. If you can’t bring your bike, bring your measurements and we will help you adjusting the rental bike for you.
When you arrive, we will be hands on to help you set up the bike.

We now have high end rental bikes from the Garmin Team. The new Felt and Cervelo bikes are a perfect choice and can save you the hassle of traveling with your own bike. It’s important to have your bike measurements and we recommend bringing your own seat.

Want to bring your family

We have activities for them to have a complete vacation and join you after the rides, enjoying cultural activities, cuisine, and nature. With the over 2000 year history of the area, modern city of Barcelona, and such painters as Salvador Dalí and Antoni Miró being from the area, we have a rich range of activities they are sure to enjoy. With Debbie as their tour guide, they will enjoy medieval villages, the Costa Brava along the Mediterranean, museums, delicious food and wine, and the city of Barcelona.

Do I need to speak Spanish?

No. All lectures, training and coaching will be conducted in English. However if you want to learn and speak Spanish or Catalan while you are here, all of our staff is fluent in both. This is your chance!

Do you have a support vehicle to follow your tours and trips?

BikeCat Tours will have a vehicle to follow and support the cycling itinerary.
Our support vehicle will carry your important personal belongings for the day, cameras etc. and will pick up any purchases you may have made at any of our visits.
It will also provide any necessary mechanical support, first aid, telephone and intra-guide communication, energy drinks, water and snacks.
If the hill is just a little too steep a well deserved break is in order, you may jump in for a ride. No pride lost in this maneuver.

What do your trips include?

Please, visit the What’s Included section of this website.

What kind of clothes should I pack?

Dress is casual and we can inform you of the local weather conditions before you come so that you can pack appropriately. Of course, training rides and runs will be held rain or shine. So be sure to bring along some bicycling specific all-conditions gear.
A few weeks before the tour, we will send you a packing list for your tour.

What does “double occupancy” mean? Can you find me a roommate?

Double occupancy means a room with a double or twin beds shared with another person for the entire duration of the trip. We are not in a position to match up singles with others in order to travel on a double occupancy basis. We encourage anyone wishing to do so to recruit a roommate on their own.


On what days are your Guided Tours available?

You can book your guided ride at any time. We have limited availability and we recommend contacting us in advance.

One section says the rider will choose the distance, and the price is by hours. How does that work?

When you book a guided ride, we will ask you how much you want to ride and what sort of terrain you prefer. Prices are set by time frames and the distance depends on how fast you want to go. There are many different rides and you will have our help to choose landscapes, profiles, length, etc. We are very flexible!

At what time of day do the rides begin?

You decide when you want to ride!

Is there a hotel in Girona you recommend for doing a ride?

Our rides can start from any hotel in Girona.
Hotel Historic 4* is very well-known hotel among professional cyclists and combines modernity with historic essence.
Casa Cundaro is also a very good option. It is Hotel Historic´s sister hotel and has a homey feel and is very cyclist friendly.
Hotel Ciutat de Girona 4*is near the river in the city center and there are no climbs at the end of the ride.
Hotel AC Palau de Bellavista is the 5 star hotel of Girona. Magnificent views of the city, but a little outside the center.
We can help you with reservations and transfers for your trip to Girona.

What is required to reserve a guided tour?

Let us know when you are coming and confirm availability. If you want to pay by credit card, we will send you an invoice email prior to your trip.


Can I rent a bike outside of your bike tours?

The high end bikes, Felt and Cervelo are only available during our tours, guided and self guided rides. If you are a returning customer, we have special discounts available and also can rent the bike to you on your own.

How do I book a bike?

Contact us for dates and availability and we will send you the reservation form.

Does bike rental include helmet? Anything else?

You will need to bring your own pedals and shoes. We have a few helmets available, so make sure we have the right size for you.
Bikes have a seatpost bag with a multi allen tool, spare tube and a pump/CO2 cartridge.

Modifications – Felt & Cervelo:
We can fit the bike for you. Bring your bike measurements. Need help?
We also have compact cranks available.
Pedals: We have Look Delta and Keo, Shimano road and Spd’s, Campagnolo Record, Speedplay Zero and Crank brothers.
Seats: We have different seats for you. However, if you are planning to ride the whole week, it’s strongly recommend bringing your own.

Do you have locks?

Yes, if you want we can lend you a lock for the bike. However, we strongly recommend that you don’t leave the bike out of your sight to avoid any trouble.

Can we use the bike on the Green Ways?

Our bikes are road bikes, and are not suitable on dirt paths like the Green Ways.