More about Bikecat rides

More about Bikecat Rides

The Bikecat rides are designed for those who ride on a regular basis.
When we plan your tour, we can design the routes based on distance, speed and climbs. We will figure out what level your group will feel more comfortable.

• Advanced level: 60-80 miles per day
group A: averaging 17.5 miles/hour
group B: averaging 15 miles/hour

• Medium level: 40-60 miles per day
group A: averaging 17.5 miles/hour
group B: averaging 15 miles/hour

During the week, 6 rides are scheduled. Hilly and strenuous routes are combined with easy rides to recover and improve performance during all of the riding days.

Every morning, around 9-10 and after a hearty breakfast, we get ready for the ride. Descending the narrow cobblestone streets of the Jewish Call and Barri Vell de Girona, we cross El Pont de Pedra. This stone bridge on the Onyar River has become the meeting point for professional riders. Like them, we leave the town from here. In just a few minutes from the city, we find tranquil roads leading us to the pros’ well-known rides: Els Angels, Sant Hilari, Romanya, Santa Pellaia, and not to forget the Costa Brava roller coaster, a curvy road along the rocky coast with spectacular views of the Mediterranean Sea.

We will be riding through beautiful quaint villages and landscapes, well worth a rest stop for picture taking. It’s a Bikecat characteristic to look for the smallest and most scenic routes. Yes, here a GPS doesn’t help, as most maps you can find won’t show about 20% of the roads we will be on. Since Bikecat started, we have spent the off season months looking for new alternatives and paved roads, improving rides and offering new ones for those who come back again.

Joe from Breakaway bikes in Philadelphia:

“We’ve had a spring training camp for 7 years and we haven’t repeated a ride. I am amazed of the riding possibilities in Girona”

As we reach our halfway point, we will stop for a light lunch. Depending on the ride, we stop in a variety of restaurants and bars that will serve us delicious carb rich food. On a terrace or indoors, we will enjoy our meal to recover for the way back to Girona.

Back in Girona, time for a shower and relax. If you want massages after the rides, we can book a session ahead. Cristina or David will be our masseurs at the hotel.

The town has a lot to offer, pleasant walks along the river and La Rambla, the ancient Jewish quarter where Lance lived, and lots of shops: shoes, clothes, food, wine, and everything else you can imagine. A cafe on a terrace, enjoying the peaceful squares of the city.

Later in the evening, we meet around 8:30 for dinner. Tonight we decide to leave Girona towards Calella. A fisherman’s town with a little restaurant where the chef prepares all kinds of entrees and fish dishes, including the famous paella, and wines “a la carte”.

The dinners with Bikecat will be something you don’t want to miss. The pleasure to experience the finest local cuisine. We have carefully selected the best restaurants where you can sample traditional Mediterranean, Spanish, and Catalonian cuisines.

After dinner, you have your choice…
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