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The pros in Girona

Bikecat in the media

Welcome to ProVille – Cyclist Magazine

Last October we headed out with some guys from Cyclist Magazine, a new cycling magazine based in London. They had a very ambitious route planned of about 160km with two good climbs, Amer and Rocacorba.

Top of Rocacorba

Cycling in the Catalan city of Girona is not like cycling anywhere else. It’s not simply that the weather is better than most places, although the crisp autumn morning when we meet for our ride is perfect for a day out on bikes…
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Words Mark Bailey Photography Paul Calver. The issue #3 of Cyclist Magazine covering Bikecat and Cycling in Girona was published in January 2013.

Magic in the Mountains – Road CC

In May, James Warrener came to do a ride and wrote an article in the online magazine Road CC.

Road CC online cycling magazine

…the chance of a day’s guided riding and coaching with Girona based Bikecat, whilst on holiday, was too good a birthday treat to miss!!
The first ‘proper’ climb came after a 12% hill that didnt count !!! it was a road used by the likes of Michael Barry, George Hincapie and Bradley Wiggins. In fact locally, I believe, it is known as Hincapie Hill. The road was marked with countdowns “GPM (King of the Mountains Point) 6km” and surprisingly on this climb it acted as motivation.
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Girona, Spain: Riding in the pros’ backyards – Canadian Cycling Magazine

Michael Barry, a long time resident of Girona, wrote an article about cycling in Girona, Spain. It is a travel article written for the Canadian Cycling Magazine. It includes some photos from his wife, Dede Barry, and a friend, Jordi Cantal, who has also been on many of Bikecat’s tours in Girona.

Bikecat in the media - Cycling in Girona

I am posting the full article here. Or read the online version at Canadian Cycling Magazine.

Travel: My Girona Holiday. PEZ Cycling

PEZ-Fan and noted San Francisco chef Thom Fox recently took his first cycling trip to Europe. Good thing for us he chose Girona Spain as his base, and even better that he chronicled his experiences traveling with his bike – and riding in the area. We should all do this… soon.

Biikecat Training Camp with Freddie Rodriguez

…Included in the group ride that day were women’s US National Critireum champion Theresa Cliff-Ryan, her husband Gary (a track sprint racer) and none other than Freddie Rodriguez. In fact this was the first annual Fast Freddie – BikeCat training camp. Pez Cycling Full article.