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Bikecat Club Ciclista

Bikecat Girona Cycling Club
Bikecat runs the Girona local Cycling Club. Our goal is to enjoy and unify the cycling in the city of Girona.
The Bikecat Club Ciclista supports and promotes all cycling related activities in Girona. We organize group rides and we are currently working in bringing a Granfondo to our city.

Triatló Girona Costa Brava

Triathlon Girona Costa Brava
The Club Triatló Costa Brava was formed at the end of 2004 to fill the need of a club in the city of Girona for the growing interest in triathlons. The club quickly grew to be a reference within the Catalan Triathlon circuit. In 2008, the club joined together with Triatló Girona and became, Club Triatló Girona Costa Brava.

Our objective, is the practise of triathlon and duathlon and any of their sports individually (swimming, cycling, running) for a active, healthy lifestyle to the competitive level.


To my Parents

The decision to change from a chemistry career to start Bikecat was probably harder on them. It was a difficult choice, well, not really, but it worked out well, and now they are much more supportive and confident in what we do. Too bad they don’t ride and come along on a tour.

Pau Cabruja

With a few back and forth ideas, he comes up with the most amazing graphic work. Thanks for all your help, tips and suggestions, and for such a cool Bikecat logo!

Fred Rodriguez

Freddie was the first professional cyclist I got to know in Girona when we first started Bikecat. He and his dad are passionate about cycling and encouraged me to start the new adventure. We spent many hours on the bike together and as a sprinter, it was very special to learn from his advice. In 2007 and 2008, we organized Fast Freddie Training Camps in Girona.

Xavi and Casilda

This is a special acknowledgment for the family who runs Hotel Historic and Casa Cundaro in Girona. They can tell you many anecdotes and stories about cycling and pros, since everyone has stayed with them. Since we got to know them, they have been very supportive and a very important part in Bikecat’s cycling tours. Their friendliness and attention to the riders is the key for this success. We know when we go to bed everyone is well taken care of. They will be your second family in Girona.

Dede and Michael Barry

They have been very supportive during these years. Dede took part in the Women’s training camp with the Breakaway Verducci Team, and Michael has joined us on several rides. Riding with them is inspiring, as is reading their articles and books. I highly recommend their books. If you have not read them yet, please let us know and we can get a signed copy for you.

Ruben Peris

Ruben Peris has been involved in the cycling community as organizer and President of La Volta a Catalunya for many years. He has been of great support and help when starting Bikecat, as it was one of the first road cycling tour companies in Spain.
This relationship has brought us to organize an annual Training camp to follow La Volta with race passes and detailed information.

Galvesport + Ana and Roberto

I bought my first ¨real¨ bike at Galvesport, the bike shop around the corner from our apartment in Barcelona. I was 15 and used to spend many hours at the shop with the mechanics and Ana, the owner. It was fun to be around her and hear experiences about her dad, who had been a cyclist all his life. Years went by and they saw me growing up from high school to university, trying to keep up the passion for cycling. Later on, Ana met Roberto Heras and moved to Girona.
They are a very nice couple and we have talked about running a tour in the future. Who knows …