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About Us

Bikecat is based in Girona and we are the only company run by local guides. Cycling in Girona and Costa Brava is a destination many bike tour companies have in their calendar. We believed from the beginning that the best way to enjoy and experience a cycling tour is to share it with the locals. The cyclists and friends who come and visit encourage our work and personal attention, characteristic of Bikecat.

Jaume Cabruja

Bikecat Cycling in Girona: Jaume CabrujaBorn in Barcelona, Jaume grew up between the capital and Girona where he soon started to roadrace. After graduating as a Chemical Engineer, he had the opportunity to work and travel in many countries, always bringing a bicycle with him. He likes to challenge himself anywhere and anytime: Australia, Venezuela, New Zealand, Borneo, Denmark and the US. Sharing with people his interest and enthusiasm for this sport and his sense of humor; he conceived the idea of BikeCat.
Being fluent in English, Spanish and Catalan (the unique language of the region), Jaume will be your guide along the routes while showing you the wonders of his homeland.

Debbie Stein

Bikecat Cycling in Girona:Debbie SteinOriginally from South Carolina, she graduated in French Literature and Translation from USC. She has been traveling to France every year since then until she met Jaume, whereupon she began traveling to Spain even more. She has worked as a French teacher for 5 years in New Jersey, in Human Resources, and volunteers when she can at Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary in Naples, FL. She loves being outdoors and practices many sports including cycling, running, and swimming. She enjoys riding with the local women´s group and has cycled around Malaysia on vacation.
With Bikecat she is a bike guide and takes great care in planning and organizing activities for non-riding companions, and for everyone outside the rides, to enjoy their vacation.

Bernat Vilaginés

Bikecat Cycling in Girona: Bernat VilaginesBernat started to cycle when he was just 4 and discovered mountain biking at 14. Since then, he has been cycling everywhere from the Pyrenees to New Zealand. Enthusiast of long epic rides; he participated in the Iron bike in Italy, the Swiss Grand Raid Cristalp, and the TransCatalunya in Spain. He worked for the Spanish magazine Mountain Bike as a photographer and reporter. He also worked for Probike, the largest bicycle shop in Barcelona, and Biciclot (a bicycle events organizer). He has a vast knowledge in the cycling industry and understands customer needs. With Bikecat – Cycling in Girona he is in charge of marketing and making all the necessary arrangements to provide excellent service.

Jordi Cantal

Bikecat Cycling in Girona: Jordi CantalLike most of the kids from a village around here, all of my youth was spent on a bike, so much so that I have no idea exactly when I started riding. I bought my first mountain bike at 18 with my first Forest Ranger paycheck, and then started competing in local competitions.
I combined mountain biking with climbing, hiking, and skiing. In 1995, I began studying Geology and riding got left behind for a while. A few years later, I joined the firemen and thanks to the great amount of free time of this profession, I have three to four days a week I can do serious rides.
Since 2002, I’ve been to see The Tour pedaling between the peaks of the Alps and Pyrenees.
Now with Bikecat – Cycling in Girona I can enjoy and share this sport with all of you.


Bikecat Cycling in Girona: AlbertSince childhood, Albert has always been enthusiastic about bikes and it has been his favorite form of transportation. He is from Banyoles. Taking advantage of the hilly landscape of this little town, Albert began to discover all of the corners of the countryside. He started off on his mountain bike and a few years later with the road bike. He has worked as a coach of a MTB children´s team, where he experienced great adventures with them. He also worked as a mechanic in a local bike shop. Now he has graduated from the University of Girona with an education degree and plays handball on the local Banyoles team. He is bringing new energy and youth to our team and with a contagiously vibrant and fun personality.
He is really glad to work with BikeCat – Cycling in Girona, and to share the best experiences with you.

Cristina Moreno

Bikecat Cycling in Girona: Cristina MorenoCristina is a professional Physical Therapist and Osteopath. She has her own rehab center in Girona and works with athletes, especially professional cyclists. Among them, she has worked with George Hincapie, Christian Vande Velde, Michael Barry, Levi Leipheimer, Dede, etc.
She likes to travel and practice sports like trekking, running and cycling. She had the opportunity to work as a physical therapist in the Tour de France and for several cycling tour agencies: MSGlobal, Hamilton Foundation, and Marty Jemison Cycling Tours.
Cristina will be providing her experience and helping riders recover and improve results in the trainings. Cristina will be available to give massages and advice after rides and during the week of cycling in Girona.